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Working meeting of Ugra government members with the delegation of Homs province of the Syrian Arab Republic took place in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Welcoming the participants, Ugra Governor Natalia Komarova noted that it was time to transmit the arrangements that had been discussed at previous meetings into a practical plane: “We have an opportunity to determine in details establishing of an office of cooperative society Ermak-Agro in Homs province, schemes of supplies of its products, as well as establish direct links between Syrian companies and the Ugra timber industry holding – one of the largest exporters in the wood processing industry of the Ural Federal District.”

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Фото: rulepanel.ru

Speaking about cooperation in other areas, the Governor focused on the fact that in 2019 the region is ready to provide remote consulting for patients in Homs province using telecommunication means of communication from specialists of leading medical institutions of Ugra, to organize a round table “Practice of the best educational technologies for development of children with disabilities and their adaptation in society” in the format of a teleconference for teachers of the Syrian Arab Republic, to conduct an online tournament s chess and checkers between children of Homs province and Ugra.

“In 2019 the calendar of our events has many events that can interest both parties. We are waiting for you at the “Spirit of Fire” film festival, “Save and Preserve” environmental campaign, Oil Capital forum, international IT forum, and Ugra Industrial Forum. Your proposals on cooperation in economy, education, healthcare, culture are of great value to us. We will accept them with interest and gratitude,” the Head of the Region addressed the guests.

Governor of Homs province Talala al-Barazi, in turn, thanked Natalia Komarova for exceptional hospitality, “for the joy that delegates experienced when they came to Ugra and saw it with their own eyes.”

“We came to the decision on the immediate establishment of the Ugra representative office in the territory of Homs province, so that the products of the Autonomous Okrug will always be represented here,” he said. “In addition, we have significant prospects for expanding trade cooperation in the field of import of products of the woodworking industry, which is produced in Ugra. For our part, we are ready to supply agricultural products: olives, olive oil, citrus fruits and apples.”

Mr. Barazi noted that the pffice of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug in his country will serve as a new impetus for intensification of joint cooperation. “In addition, we are pleased to confirm participation of the Syrian film industry in the festival” Spirit of Fire,” he stated. “For us it is also of interest to establish cooperation between our universities. We are ready to accept Ugra students at a convenient time for you, and we will hold the first videoconference in February next year. We would like to take advantage of the scientific and technical opportunities that have been accumulated in the educational sphere of Ugra. ”

He stressed that the subject of telemedicine is also very important for development of relations with Ugra. According to Talal al-Barazi, drug production is well developed in Syria. In this regard, he invited the delegation of Ugra to visit this production in the province of Homs.

“As for the care of people with disabilities, we had a fruitful conversation with the chairperson of the public chamber of Ugra. We agreed that it’s delegation will visit us in Syria in 2019 to give this cooperation a new impetus,” the governor of the province of Homs emphasized. “We consider very promising the direction of folk crafts, and would be glad to take part in your events dedicated to this issue, as well as organize your exhibitions in Syria.”

“A trip to Homs caused not only interest of our countrymen. Syrians are close to us. We really appreciate your courage, because to come to our northern region during the cold season is a kind of test for you,” Natalia Komarova told delegates. Talala al-Barazi noted that real courage was manifested in the fact that the Governor of Ugra arrived to Damascus at a time when Western countries attacked Syria. “We are very pleased that you have stood shoulder to shoulder with us in the fight against terrorism. Thank you!”, – he concluded.

Following the results of the working meeting, the parties signed an action plan for implementation of the agreement between the Ugra government and Homs Province of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Ugra is the first constituent entity of Russia to conclude a cooperation agreement with the Syrian Arab Republic: members of Ugra government adopted an appropriate order on February 16. The document regulates implementation of international and foreign economic relations in trade, economic, scientific, technical, cultural, humanitarian and social spheres.