More than 13 thousand Ugra residents visited an exhibition “Goods of Ugra...

More than 13 thousand Ugra residents visited an exhibition “Goods of Ugra land”

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More than 13 thousand Ugra residents visited XXIII exhibition “Goods of Ugra land”, which worked for three days in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk. This year, 219 companies from 21 municipalities of Ugra, as well as representatives of the Union “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)” presented their achievements and novelties at the exhibition.

“Over 23 years, the exhibition has proved to be not only a fair of products of local producers, but also has acquired the format of a forum — a platform for business communication. More than 13,000 people visited pavilions of “Ugra – Expo” these days. The exhibition has become an event that is already included in the calendar of tourist events,” Nikolai Milkis, Director of the Economic Development Department and Deputy Governor of Ugra, said at the closing ceremony.

He also noted that this year, within the framework of the exhibition-forum, visiting meeting of the Market Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation took place. Vice-President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Elena Dybova made a presentation of the All-Russian project “AGRO“ For Quality! ”.

“The main objective of the project is to fill the market with quality food. Participation in the exhibition makes it possible not only to declare its presence in the market of commodity producers, but also to get professional contacts, expand sales, and watch competitors,” Deputy Governor said.

This year, the exhibition-forum “Goods of Ugra land” had several specific features. For the first time it was held under the brand “Made in Ugra” and 84 enterprises received the trademark of the same name.

Also for the first time, the exhibition organizers presented a commemorative plaque “Mentor of the Year” to manufacturers which have been contributing to the development of entrepreneurial activity for 20 years or more. Among the seven awarded are the national enterprise “Elal” (Berezovsky district), “Sever” Fashion Factory (Nefteyugansk), “Volna” agricultural and fishery cooperative society (Nefteyugansky district). Commemorative plaque “Entry-level Entrepreneur” was presented to 7 beginnrs- commodity producers of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, which got successful and vivid reputation. Among them are peasant farms of Kazbek Khinchagov from the Beloyarsky District, Dmitry Kaptsov from the Nefteyugansky District, and Ivan Salyamkin from the Nizhnevartovsky District.

Nikolay Milkis also presented awards to the winners of the festival-competition of municipalities “The Best of the Best”. The diploma of I degree, the winner’s cup was presented to municipality of the city of Megion. In addition, Megion received a special prize from the TV and radio company “Ugra” – a certificate for participation in the television program “Made in Ugra”.

Traditional festival – competition of municipalities “The Best of the Best” was held during all three days of the exhibition. Delegations of municipalities participated in business program of the forum, performed with creative, concert programs. Everyone tried to adequately, creatively present a work of their city or district. In addition to the winners, each of the participants was awarded a special diploma. For example, the Berezovsky District received the diploma in the nomination “For National Color”, Surgutsky District was awarded as the “flagship of the agro-industrial complex”, a diploma was prsented to the Sovietsky District for a successful start, and the Khanty-Mansiysk District was awarded a special diploma in the “Preservation of folk arts and crafts” nomination.

Also within the framework of the forum, a contest was held within 3 days: tasting of products of agricultural producers and producers of food products of Ugra “National recognition 2018”. The competition included nominations “Bakery and confectionery”, “Sausages”, “Milk and dairy products”, “Fish products”, “Wild plants”.

As a result, the best bread from rye flour is baked in the city trade center of Beloyarsky, the best smoked sausage is produced in Surgut (Surgut meat factory), the most delicious milk and sour cream are produced in KFH of Fedor Churilovich from the village of Dalniy, Kondinsky district, and the best marinated white mushrooms harvested in Kondinsky district (enterprise “Region-K”), salted milk mushrooms – in the city settlement Sovetsky (enterprise “Alex”).

The farm of Fedor Churilovich received five diplomas, three more than last year. Top places for sour cream, milk and dairy products. The company is located in the village Dalniy of Kondinsky district.

“My wife Elena and I have a family business, we breed cattle, we produce milk, dairy and meat products. My wife is manufacturing engineer and my most important assistant. The farm employs 81 people. We develop production, we work with interest, try to produce high-quality, tasty products,” Fedor Churilovich said. According to him, farmers, entrepreneurs from Kondinsky district should naturally lead in the production of food, because it is the most ecologically clean region rich in natural resources, the bread basket of Ugra. By the way, in the family of an entrepreneur there are five children, the eldest of whom is 13 years old.

Another successfully developing enterprise of the Kondinsky district is from the Mezhdurechensky urban-type settlement – “Region-K”, headed by Vasily Novoselov. This year, the family business again took first place in the nomination “Wild plants”. Last year, Region-K received a certificate from the Kingdom of Thailand for the supply of Ugra delicacies to Southeast Asia. Company’s products: red bilberries, cloudberries, cranberries, blueberries, swamp blueberries in sugar included in the “Made in Ugra” gift set for the President of the Russian Federation.

“We are engaged in picking, harvesting and processing of wild plants. We produce 35 types of jam. Today Region-K has industrial production. Any volume of goods can be delivered wherever the consumer wants. We are probably the only enterprise in the field of wild plants in the agro-industrial complex of Ugra, which exports its products. We consistently expand supply. This year, our products under the brand “Made in Ugra” are purchased by Kazakhstan, a month ago we sent the first batch of products to Azerbaijan. Center for support of Ugra export facilitates our work in this direction,” Vasily Novoselov, director of Region-K enterprise, said.