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Today, November 29, Tyumen discuses the matters of how to win tourist hearts, how to make them wish to return and actually return here, as well as the modern trends and prospects of development of the tourism sector. The regional capital hosts the tourist foresight forum Siberia-Ural.
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Фото: tumentoday.ru

Before the workshops, Governor of the Tyumen region Alexander Moor held a working session with the tourism sector experts. Among the participants were Maya Lomidze, Head of the Committee on the implementation of the import substitution program under the Expert Council for the development of tourism under the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation; Marina Kirova, Head of the pilgrim and tourist programs of the Elisavetinsko-Sergievskoe Educational Society Fund of encouragement of revival of charity and compassion traditions; Marina Labutina, coordinator of the “My Russia” children tourism program, member of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, Director General of OOO SBO Sluzhba Bronirovania Otelei; Rajko Ruzicka, Director of the National Tourism Bureau of the Republic of Croatia, and other representatives of the tourism sector.

The Head of the region noted that just a few years ago we referred to tourism as a marginal phenomenon, while a complete industry is being formed today. “We consider the tourism industry as the complex that in coming years will allow us for making a breakthrough in the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Individual entrepreneurs and small companies can show themselves here. We use all our advantages; Tobolsk, history of the imperial family, oil. In the future, there is a great potential in the comprehensive development of the medical tourism”, emphasized the head of the region. Opening a dialogue, Alexander Moor noted that the Tyumen region is looking for its niche and is open for the best practices, not only national but international as well. Even more useful is the study of the mistakes of others as it helps to prevent the same.

Important components for the promotion of tourism are being modernized in the Tyumen region for several years. Adequate infrastructure is being created: an airport, roads and railway stations, modern accommodation facilities: hotels and hostels, some of which are controlled by foreign companies. Tourism products in the field of the event, cultural, educational, health resort, recreational and medical tourism are being promoted. New proposals appear for national and foreign tourists. The “Imperial Route” federal project is one of such proposals. The results of its implementation this year were summed up at the session, and the plans for further development of the project were announced.

Within the scope of the “Imperial Route” project, from this July to October the Tyumen region was visited by 16 organized tourist groups as well as groups of children from 15 regions of Russia: participants of the “My Russia” federal project. Marina Kirova said that the Imperial Route united 14 regions of Russia, including 57 national museums. Not only Russian, but European tour operators are interested in this program. There are plans for the next year: the expansion of the topic range and the route geography, training for tour guides and their certification.

The practices of development of tourism in other countries with climatic conditions similar to Russia was discussed at the session. As Maya Lomidze noted, the most important indicator of the tourist attractiveness of the territory is the desire to come back. Tyumen has all the prerequisites and opportunities for tourism development. “The strategy of tourism development selected by the Tyumen region is the right one. A huge leap was made for a year or two. The Tyumen region became quite visible on the tourist map of Russia and we hope that in time it will be seen on the global map as well. Many things are already done, but a consistent approach to the development of the industry is required. The fact that such a forum is taking place in Tyumen is a step to its formation. The region has many advantages over other territories of the same latitude. Its infrastructure and transportation are good. The region has such a pearl as Tobolsk. In this city, you may experience unique feelings that are very important for a modern tourist. Tyumen is the flagship and engine of the “Imperial route”, and there is also a lot of unique things that become the center of attraction and the reason to visit the Tyumen region. Now, Tyumen is associated with two components: oil and cold. New proposals for tourists are being created based on these”, she commented, adding that one of the important factors of tourism development is the comfortable environment for anyone already living there, so the visitors will desire to come.

Governor Alexander Moor emphasized the governance processes. “Today, it is important to possess the competencies and actively introduce modern technologies associated with the evaluation of the effectiveness and contribution of tourism to the economy of the region: the technologies allowing us to assess and manage this industry competently. Everyone is competing over a tourist: whoever will be the most technological, he would be able to win a tourist’s heart”, summed up Alexander Moor.

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The tourist flow volume grows steadily in the Tyumen region. Over the past five years, the number of tourists increased by 24%, the number of sightseers increased 2.6 times, the number of accommodation facilities increased almost 3 times, and the number of rooms has increased 1.6 times. This had a cumulative effect on the volume of paid services in the field of domestic and inbound tourism: the growth in 2017 was 37% compared to 2014. The number of organizations involved in the tourism industry almost reached 17 thousand, including related industries, with 24% of them being small and medium-sized enterprises.

The region already has established infrastructural basis to accept tourists: an international airport, a developed road network, a railroad connection (in July 2018, a train of branded cars was launched on the route Tyumen–Tobolsk–Tyumen, with a convenient schedule), 325 accommodation facilities (hotels, hostels, recreation centers, health resorts) are active, just as more than 1700 food facilities and about 40 museums; the tourism industry is represented by 23 tour operators officially registered within the territory of the Tyumen region and 275 tourist agencies.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region