Daily Archives: 06.11.2018

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Ugra delegation headed by the Governor Natalia Komarova takes part in the 11th Russian-German Raw Materials Conference, which is held in Potsdam (Germany).
Фото: https://admhmao.ru
Фото: https://admhmao.ru

This year the forum has become a platform for discussing sectoral topics in the energy and raw material sectors, and further developing the raw materials partnership of both countries.

Key topics of the conference: raw materials regions in the process of transformation: the consequences of a structural change in the raw materials producing regions; challenges for Russia: sustainable development and environmental protection – chances for a new partnership in the context of modernization ?; digitalization of raw materials industry; high-tech use of traditional energy resources; technologies in the field of development of unprofitable fields; prospects for Russian-German cooperation between universities and research institutions.

Ugra residents began their working visit by laying flowers at the Memorial to the fallen Soviet soldiers. Today there will be a business meeting with representatives of the trade mission of the Russian Federation in the Federal Republic of Germany, representatives of German companies. The discussion will focus on the opportunities for German business to participate in large investment projects in Ugra.

Tomorrow the program of the Ugra delegation will include the opening of the conference, plenary sessions “Problems and prospects of the Russian-German cooperation in the raw materials sphere”, “Raw materials in the process of change: Problems and consequences of structural changes in the development of the economy of raw materials producing regions”.