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The capital of Ugra hosted a Civil Forum of public consent with participation of about 700 public figures and activists from all over the region. Among the guests of honor are the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova and Chief Federal Inspector for the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Dmitry Kuzmenko.

During the day, activists worked on several thematic platforms, after which they gathered at the plenary session with Governor Natalia Komarova, where they presented the developed mechanisms for promotion of projects.

“We have met with most of you at the municipal stages of the Okrug’s Forum, which gathered together over 4,000 participants. This is creative power of consolidated people with an active living civil position, who want to work shoulder to shoulder,” Natalia Komarova addressed the participants and guests of the Forum.

Dmitry Mezentsev, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, Evgenia Shokhina, Director of the Foundation for Support of Social Projects, Anton Yaremchuk, Deputy Director of the Social Projects Department of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and Vladimir Tatarinov, Advisor to the Director General of the Presidential Grants Fund, also took part in the final session.

“I want to give a special assessment of the scale of this forum, which takes place in the Year of Public Consent. This is so significant, it is such a good example for dozens of regions of Russia, which will certainly be supported. It is important that Ugra is a pioneer in many things. This is an obvious success, because today your region shows a different level of interaction between people of different generations and professions. I wish you the best of luck,” Dmitry Mezentsev said.

Representatives and authors of the best projects, in turn, could not only talk about their joint initiatives and immediate plans, but also hear unique advice on implementing their ideas from leading federal experts and the Governor of the Okrug.

“Today we had very intensive work,” forum platform moderator, Director of the Center for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship of the RGSU (Moscow), Denis Bogatov noted. “The projects presented today are a unique experience created in the territory of Ugra. This is that very example that could be used in other territories”.

Public figures of Ugra have made a powerful leap forward in the implementation of their projects. According to the Governor of Ugra, the past municipal stages of the Civil Forum of Public Consent have already given impetus to many projects. Among them there is “Extreme Urai” of Vladislav Kuzmenko. In less than a month the project was scaled almost to the whole Ugra. Today, Nyagan, Mezhdurechensky, Surgut, Nefteyugansk, Raduzhny, Yugorsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Pyt-Yakh, Nefteyugansk have teamed up and are working to create a unified calendar plan – the Ugra series of extreme competitions.

“Our non-profit sector has potential to expand its borders, uniting, to enter the Russian and international levels. One of these projects, born at the Forum, is the international ethnic festival of the peoples of the North,” the Governor of Ugra stressed. “According to the authors, it will bring together dozens of events in ethnic sports, gastronomic traditions, arts and crafts, ethnic fashion, thereby increasing their effect ti promote the brand of Ugra in the country and abroad”.

Natalia Komarova cited one more example: Alina Pakhomova from Raduzhny suggested to sum up the results of 2018 by arranging the Ugra Volunteer Ball: “As the organizers told me, the work was in full swing yesterday on a cluster of volunteerism over the content of the event, around which the volunteer movement of Ugra has united”.

By the way, Alina did not lose time for nothing and since the meeting with the Governor at the municipal stage of the Forum she managed to get a grant from the Okrug’s budget for implementation of her project, and during the plenary session she invited all Forum participants to the ball.

At the initiative of the Forum participants, the first stage of the historical and ethnographic quiz “Ugra-900″ was held. The ideas of the Forum participants were included in the project “Centuries-old Ugra”.

“This is another initiative that got practical application — 472,931 people answered the questionnaire,” the Head of the Region said. “Events related to the 900th anniversary of the first mention of Ugra in the Russian historical chronicles were supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Okrug’s educational institutions will hold a single day of history on the 1st of September. I hope that public organizations in all municipalities will join this initiative and involve adults to participate in this humanitarian project”.

This year, Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed to expand resource centers in the social sphere so that competent people work with non-profit organizations and volunteers. In Ugra, a cluster approach will be applied to achieve this goal, when similar projects are packed in packages to facilitate their access to government funding, as well as possibility of more participants.

“Cluster approach in non-profit sector is a novelty,” Natalia Komarova said. “It will allow to improve the system of decision-making when choosing projects. On the one hand – due to crowdsourcing during collection, on the other hand – thanks to civil control”.

Thus, the public figures themselves together with the experts will determine the future of the projects, set priorities, work towards achievement of a truly comprehensive, all-inclusive social consensus.

“Uniting, we will make a breakthrough, which our President speaks about. We will do our best to ensure that Ugra and Russia remain the best place for living”, the Governor of the Okrug addressed the Forum participants.

More than a thousand initiatives were accumulated at municipal stages, implementation of which is aimed to improve quality of life of Ugra people. The most developed projects will be included in the interactive map of civil initiatives. More than 230 projects have already been applied to this map.

“Those clusters that we identified, the projects and teams that were formed here will be coordinated by our Foundation,” Director of the Foundation “Center for Civil and Social Initiatives of Ugra” Zhanna Kotova said. “We are with you, we are working for you, and we are created to bring the civil society of Ugra and Russia together with you to a new level”.

“Please consider this a direct call to action for the heads of municipal entities that work with us today,” Natalya Komarova said. “I hope these resources will be used by representatives of business, public organizations, volunteers. In short, everyone who took part in our Forum. This meeting is ideally suited for the virtual lines of the map to be transferred to a network of real agreements, real commitments, real actions.”

In addition, a unified procedure for providing financial support to socially-oriented non-profit organizations “Grant of the Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra” was presented at the Forum.

“Instead of 8 authorities previously involved in this process, there will be one grant operator,” the Head of the Region said. “Public figures will be less worried about filling out endless documents, papers, and will think more about the people whom their initiatives are addressed to. It is important that it is in demand for you, understandable to you and supported”.

Thus, the principle of “one window” will be implemented for the authors of the projects. The basis of the infrastructure will be югражданин.рф the same interactive map of civil initiatives. The developers of this idea were inspired by the system of President’s grant in Russia.

“This will be the first experience of this kind in the regions of Russia. No one has has joined us along our path,” Vladimir Tatarinov, Advisor to the Director General of the Presidential Grants Fund said, commenting on the development of the Okrug’s authorities.

Natalia Komarova also addressed the Forum participants with one more wish: “You know, we have one task: There is a subprogram “Provision of housing for young families” in Ugra, and it is accompanied with a fair dissatisfaction of the participating citizens. On the one hand, everything works correctly, there can be no complaints, but on the other hand, there really is not enough resources to allow each of the participants to receive a subsidy for up to 36 years. I want to ask you – maybe someone will undertake to organize a project to create a conference within this subprogram? So that we could decide what it will be so that there is no unreasonable irritation and resentment, but there were normal, honest, open relations. I await your suggestions, who is ready to take this project. I will be very happy if we together with you do this work and find a solution for this issue.”

The culmination of the final Civil forum of public consent was the signing of an agreement between the Government of the Autonomous Okrug and the Fund for Support of Social Projects. The document was signed by Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova and Director of the Fund Evgenia Shokhina.

“Such cooperation will become a powerful lever for bringing your projects to a new level, it will allow to involve socially responsible business in financing of your civil activity,” the Head of the Region addressed the Forum participants. “It is important to consolidate all the necessary material resources around the breakthrough projects, to give them a “green” administrative light.”

“I was amazed that no idea, initiative or person passed by you. People feel your attitude, feel noticed,” Evgenia Shokhina told Natalia Komarova. “I want to come to Ugra not just on a business trip, but for a long time, bring my children here, absorb the atmosphere of cooperation, friendship and mutual assistance.”

At the end of the first Civil Forum of Public Consent of Ugra, the Okrug Governor Natalia Komarova thanked all the participants for their fruitful work: “Thank you all. You are the best. You are real. You are the ones we can rely on. We will cope with all tasks together with you”.