Daily Archives: 09.04.2018

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Agro-industrial complex of the Tyumen region becomes one of the most attractive sectors of economy for investors. Enough food is produced here on an industrial basis; the agricultural sector demonstrates steady growth and thereby asserts itself as an established business segment.

More and more real investment projects are being implemented in the sector each year as a result, having a positive effect on the economy. At the press conference held yesterday, Vladimir Cheymetov, Deputy Governor of the Tyumen region, director of the regional Agro-industrial Department, spoke of last year’s progress made in this direction, of plans for 2018 and the future prospects.


For instance, several major investment projects in the agro-industrial sector were successfully implemented in the Tyumen region in 2017, for total amount of almost 15 billion Rubles. A pig breeding, growing and selective breeding farm was established in the Nizhnetavdinsky district (OOO Svinokompleks Tyumensky). This livestock complex aims to produce up to 4 tons of live weight pork annually. The farm has 4th level of biological protection. An important (even on a national scale) investment project was finished in Ishim, creating a deep processing plant for wheat (ZAO Plemzavod Yubileiny). In particular, lysine will be produced here: an amino acid that is widely used in agriculture, including animal fodder. Just two years ago Russian Federation used to buy 100% of this product abroad.

The capacity of this new plant will meet 40% of demand of the Russian market for this product. The plant is running as expected. A dairy good complex with 4,600 stalls was created in the Golyshmanovsky district by OOO Tyumenskie molochnye fermy (GK DAMATE). This is one of the largest and most advanced complexes in Russia. After reaching its full capacity, the complex will produce 120 tons of milk daily, or 42 thousand tons of milk annually. As of now, 60 tons of milk are produced daily and calving meets set schedule. Also, an investment project was implemented in 2017 in the Yurginsky district for construction of turkey breeding and processing complex (OOO Absolut-Agro). 10 thousand tons of meet is planned to be produced in 2018 by the enterprise. Please note that just these major projects enabled creation of more than one thousand jobs in the agro-industrial complex of the region.

It is planned to keep the pace in 2018. For instance, a dairy good farm for 1,800cows is under construction in the Plekhanovo village of the Yarkovsky district of the Tyumen region (OOO Agrofirma Mezhdurechye). It is possible that the complex will be opened already this spring. A significant project is the construction of a potato processing plant in the Uporovo village of the Tyumen region (OOO Agrofirma KRIMM). This is the first vegetable processing plant of the kind in our country. Implementation of this project would in the near future allow the Tyumen region to present its agricultural products for export, increase the potato planting areas and strengthen its position for potato gross yield in the Russian Federation.

All major poultry farms are being modernized, presuming increase of their capacity. Construction of another full cycle broiler chicken breeding and processing complex with capacity of 40,000 tons per year is planned to be started this year (OOO Ruskom). Construction of the third set of the greenhouse complex for year-round vegetable farming is planned to be started in the Tyumen region in 2018 (OOO Teplichny kombinat Tyumen Agro), with its project documentation being prepared.

Small and medium enterprises are active along with the major players. The entrepreneurs are trying new approaches. For instance, in the Isetsky district it is planned to establish kumis production according to international regulations, in the Berdyuzhsky district it is planned to open a major cheese spread production shop, in the Vikulovsky district a smoke shop is planned (fish), in the Omutinsky district a new business is opening in a form of fruit and vegetable husbandry, including a new direction: cultivation of winter garlic (the first planting was performed in the fall of 2017), and in the Tyumensky district a production complex for mushroom growing and processing is being organized.

About 3.5 thousand of new jobs are to be created, with more than 700 of them in 2018.