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An agreement between the government of the Autonomous Okrug and the administration of Homs province of the Syrian Arab Republic was approved at a meeting of the government of Ugra.
Photo: easyvoyage.co.uk
Photo: easyvoyage.co.uk

“The strategic document is aimed at expansion and strengthening of trade and economic, scientific and technical, social and cultural cooperation”, said the first Deputy Governor of Ugra Gennady Bukhtin.

Thus, the agreement provides for establishment of direct communication between existing economic entities, the creation of joint ventures and representative offices, the exchange of delegations and experts in various fields. In addition, the agreement is aimed at the development of cooperation in the field of energy, housing and communal services, construction and development of infrastructure, health, education and culture.

“The agreement is agreed by the executive bodies of state power of the Autonomous Okrug, the administration of the Homs province, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation”, said the acting director of the Department of Public and External Relations of Ugra Irina Beznosova.

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Positive emotions that were given by the spectators to the athletes became the main decoration of the final stage of the Biathlon World Cup currently active in Tyumen. The peculiar festive atmosphere at the stands of the Zhemchuzhina Sibiri Winter Sports Center was noted by Anders Besseberg, President of the International Biathlon Union (IBU), and Vladimir Yakushev, Governor of the Tyumen region.
Photo: t-l.ru
Photo: t-l.ru

“Competitions are being held in a wonderful biathlon complex. Truly, it’s a pearl. But the most important thing in it are the stands filled with fans. Thank you all for the support you gave to athletes from all countries both at the shooting range and throughout the entire course, especially at the start and the finish,” said Anders Besseberg.

He expressed his thanks to Vladimir Yakushev, Governor of the Tyumen region, and the Organizational Committee for the excellent organization of the competition.

The Governor also stressed the peculiar atmosphere at the Tyumen stage of the World Cup. “Both as a spectator and a person familiar with biathlon, I can say that wonderful people gathered here in the Zhemchuzhina Sibiri. They help to create a real biathlon festival. And it is most important, because biathlon, just like any other sport, exists for the fans,” said Vladimir Yakushev.

The Governor noted that it is not the first time for the Tyumen region to hold a prestigious international competition. Such iconic competitions influence the image of the region and support the development of sports, both professional and popular. They unite the fans: not only the Tyumen region ones, but also on a global level.

“These competitions, where our boys and girls have an opportunity to see biathlon stars and breath the same air with them, figuratively speaking, our youth becomes more interested in sports and another incentive to become involved in sports appears,” said Vladimir Yakushev.

On the third day of competitions, the stands and tracks of the Zhemchuzhina Sibiri were filled to the brim. Fans were gathered by families even before the start of competitions and supported the athletes preparing for the start. No one could come close to the world biathlon leader Martin Fourcade. He never gave his competitors a chance to come close to victory. Through all the length he maintained the gap between the pursuers and finished the first with a time of 32 minutes 09.7 seconds. The audience applauded the winner.

The Norwegian Johannes Bø came the second (+47.9 seconds); he managed to climb from the 14th place he held in the sprint race. The third place was won by the Italian Lukas Hofer (+1:08.4).

Maxim Tsvetkov (+2 11.8) became the best among the Russians and came the ninth.

Fourcade won the small Crystal globe in pursuit race; he also won small Crystal globes in the individual and sprint races. He became the winner of the overall World Cup standings, seventh time in a row: this is an absolute record.

Kaisa Mäkäräinen won the women’s pursuit race. The Frenchwoman Anaïs Bescond lost to her by two tenths of a second and the German Laura Dallmeier became the third of the leaders. Two Russians made the top-10 women’s list: Daria Virolainen and Irina Uslugina.