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In CTC “Ugra-classic” of the region center gathered athletes, members of the public, residents and guests of Khanty-Mansiysk. The ceremony was attended by Governor of the Autonomous Okrug Natalia Komarova, Chief Federal Inspector of the Office of the Plenipotentiary Envoy of the President of the Russian Federation in the Urals Federal District Dmitry Kuzmenko, First Vice-President of the International Biathlon Union Viktor Maigurov.


At the opening ceremony Natalia Komarova noted that the Ugra people are in love with biathlon. “And I think there’s a reason”, she said. “There is symbolic connection of the biathlon and traditional occupation of the indigenous peoples of the North – hunting. A place of a sportsman on the podium depends on the accuracy of his shot. And a hunter’s life depends on accuracy of his shot. In both cases, the determining factors are skill, endurance, perseverance”.

Ugra people aren’t novices in holding global competitions in biathlon. Khanty-Mansiysk hosted world Championships, 10 stages of the Biathlon World Cup. “We are experienced fans”, continued the head of the region, we hope that the race of the new format – the supersprint, which debut will take place in Ugra, will take root in the world biathlon. Ugra tried to provide you with even the best weather – now everything depends on you”.

It should be noted, that in the competition will participate 115 athletes from 19 countries – Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia.

Tomorrow the fans will see the official debut of the new discipline of the world biathlon — supersprint. Until then, this race was presented only at the national championships. The discipline itself is not a new word in the biathlon, its premiere in Russia took place in 2007 at the national championship in Novosibirsk.

At the Alexander Filipenko Winter Sport Center will work volunteers from the Ugra State University.

Regional broadcasting company “Ugra” will beam the race in HD format with 17 cameras. Live broadcasts and races in the record will also be broadcasted on the TV channel “MATCH! Our sport».

Admission to all races is free, except for the North stand. The cost of a ticket to the Northern tribune -100 rubles.

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Construction of a potato processing plant with capacity up to 30 tons of raw materials per year is underway in the Uporovsky district of the Tyumen region, now reaching the halfway point. The building framework is already constructed; the roof and wall panels are partially installed.

The equipment started to come in: the main shipment volume is planned to be delivered by the end of the year. The new plant is planned to be launched in 2019.

Фото: national.invur.ru
Фото: national.invur.ru

It should be capable of producing 15-17 thousand tons of clean fresh or canned processed potatoes of various sorts, in vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging with refrigerator shelf life about three months.

This is the first vegetable processing plant of the kind in our country. Implementation of this project would in the near future allow the Tyumen region to present its agricultural products for export, increase the potato planting areas and strengthen its position for potato gross yield in the Russian Federation. 50 new jobs are planned to be created at the plant.

Vladimir Yakushev, the Governor of the Tyumen region, opened the construction of the plant last year. “Construction of a potato processing plant is a milestone not only for the Uporovsky district, but rather for the entire Tyumen region, and, given that this company is a leader on the potato market, it is an event of the national scale. Agrofirma KRiMM is a modern high-tech company. It employs innovative approaches so I’m confident this investment product will surely be implemented and the company product will be in demand of the customers”, said the head of the region.

Volume of investments to this project is more than 1.2 billion Rubles. This amount includes construction of product processing facilities, acquisition of high-tech equipment, machinery and fieldwork equipment related to the necessary expansion (for 800 hectares) of Agrofirma KRiMM’s potato fields to keep uninterrupted supply of raw materials to the plant under construction.

This investment project is being implemented with support of the regional government and the Uporovsky district Administration; it enjoys integrated governmental support and administrative support.

Agrofirma KRiMM is the leader of the regional agroindustrial complex. Within a quarter-century, it transformed from a small farm business into the major holding and became known far beyond the Tyumen region. It is one of the national leaders in seed potato production. The company’s products may be encountered in various regions of Russia and even abroad. It was among the first in many areas. For instance, it was one of the first companies to introduce advance technologies in agriculture. In 2016, 53% of potatoes of the Tyumen region were produced by the KRiMM company; 25% of seed potatoes in the entire Russia were also produced by the KRiMM company.