Daily Archives: 20.12.2017

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Industrial production index in the Tyumen region according to the results of 11 months of 2017 is 102.5% as related to the corresponding period of the previous year by the level of January – October of the current year. According to the Tyumen Statistics Agency the growth is mostly due to manufacturing activities where this index has turned 106.2%. Mining operation index has kept reducing and made up 89.5%.


The highest growth rates have been seen in the production of medicine remedies and materials used for medical objects, — 129.6%; computer production, electronic and optical products — 140.7%; metallurgical production — 124.1%; wood processing industry and wood and cork products manufacturing excepting furniture — 117.3%; chemical materials and products industry — 112.2% etc.

In the electrical energy, gas and vapour industry the production index has reached 116.0% in water supply, water disposal, waste collection and recovery, pollution removal activity — 108.4%.

At the extended meeting of the regional government where the outgoing year has been summarized, the Governor of the Tyumen region said that as of the main social and economic factors the year 2017 has been not bad but at the same time the region has got new challenges and important tasks.

“The main factors and objects are economic growth, enlargement of contemporary jobs and hence people’s earnings. No development is possible without it including the social field. We must build a new investment portfolio which will maintain the high base created through implementation of large-scaled investment projects, such as Antipinsky oil refinery plant, SIBUR oil and gas drilling site. This is the main challenge we must cope with to keep our economic growth. This task stimulates us to do methodical and effective work” — stressed the Governour Vladimir Yakushev.