Daily Archives: 15.12.2017

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Execution of the instruction of the President of Russia concerning development of comprehensive schemes for organizing traffic and programs to form law-abiding behavior of road users by the local authorities was considered at a meeting of the Government of Ugra. The meeting was chaired by First Deputy Governor Gennady Bukhtin.


“As of November 30 this year, they are developed in Khanty-Mansiysk, Nizhnevartovsk, Pokachi and the city of Sovetsky. Preparatory work was carried out in Langepas, Megion, Nyagan, Surgut, Uray, urban settlements Beloyarsky and Poikovsky. Other 13 municipalities will complete the preparatory work before February 15, 2018, ” the First Deputy Governor said.

Director of the Department of Road Management and Transport of Ugra Valery Fomagin stressed that development of integrated schemes for organizing traffic is one of the documents that is an integral part of implementation of urban development policy.

“This is a complex of events: where and what sections of highways need to be reconstructed, where to make an expansion, where, on the contrary, to narrow down, how to redirect traffic flows, where to organize pedestrian crossings, how to set up traffic lights and so on. These schemes could improve quality of traffic for both drivers and pedestrians,” the Head of the profile department said.

Public opinion on this issue was expressed by a member of the public council at the Department of Road Management and Transport of Ugra, Deputy Chairman of the Youth Parliament at the Duma of the Autonomous Okrug Alexei Malayev. He noted that the measures taken by the Department are sufficient to date and allow to quickly monitor the progress of the execution of the instruction.

“I think that each of us living in big cities faced a situation where it is impossible to pass or drive along the road. The need to develop schemes is precisely aimed at avoiding such problems in the future, when developing the city,” he said.