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The grand opening of the dairy-product complex of the Damate Group for 4,600 dairy herds took place on Thursday, December 7, in the village of Ust-Lamenka, in the Golyshmanovsky District.

Vladimir Yakushev, the Governor of the Tyumen region, Kharon Amerkhanov, the Director of the Department of Livestock of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Naum Babaev, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Damate Group, partners and employees of the company group took part in this important event for the region and the country.

“It is one of the largest and most modern complexes in Russia. All technologies available today in animal husbandry are used on this site. The amount of milk that will be produced here is very impressive. It is important that such projects are implemented. It is what we need to strive for, the gold standard in the industry at the moment. The introduction of such a complex on the Tyumen land is the solution of the strategic tasks that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of Russia, sets to us: the issues of food security, the provision of native, high-quality and healthy products. This dairy complex corresponds to all these directions,” said Vladimir Yakushev. He noted that the project was challenging in its implementation, from the land parceling to the opening ceremony, a large number of people from different sectors took part in this project. And the idea of construction was conceived thanks to the National Union of Milk Producers and its chairman Andrei Danilenko. The head of the region thanked everyone who participated in the implementation of this large-scale project: the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the investor of the Damate Group, the partner of the project company Danone.

“More than 250 new jobs for people who live on this land were created here – it is the most important social effect and the main one in the implementation of such projects,” emphasized and wished the staff success the Governor.

Kharon Amerkhanov, the Director of the Department of Livestock and Breeding of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, at the opening of the complex, noted that such a large-scale project in the field of dairy cattle breeding was implemented in Western Siberia for the first time.

“This complex has become 2,222, which has been opened in Russia since 2008. It is one of the best and biggest in our country. This event is important not only for the Tyumen region, but for the whole Russia and our livestock industry,” emphasized Kharon Amerkhanov.

Naum Babaev, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Damate Group at the opening ceremony thanked the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the regional government and all partners for their support. He noted that among the contractors involved in the construction of the complex, 80% are from Tyumen.

“Today, we are setting new goals for ourselves – to achieve record figures for milk yield in Russia,” said Naum Babaev.

Construction of the dairy-product complex began in late 2015. Earlier, an agreement was signed between the Damate Group and the government of the Tyumen region on the implementation of this investment project at the amount of 5.6 billion rubles. It is financed by own funds of the Damate Group, funds of the Russian Agriculture Bank JSC and investments of the Danone company. According to the signed agreement between the Damate Group and the Danone company, all milk received at the complex is sent to the Danone enterprise. According to Naum Babaev, this agreement is a unique experience that can become the starting point for a new leap forward in the development of the dairy industry in Russia.

The structure of the dairy-product complex of the Damate Group in the village of Ust-Lamenka in the Golyshmanovsky District includes five large dairy byres for the reproductive herd, the byre with a maternity department, buildings for the bred heifers, sites for the calves and other necessary premises for the farm. The complex has the necessary infrastructure, including a feed storage area. The Damate Group is actively occupied in crop production in the region since 2014. There are about 12 thousand hectares of land under the control of the Damate Group. The food reserve calculated for a minimum of 18 months has already been created at the complex.

The importation of Holstein-Friesian animals from Germany, Denmark and Holland was started in December 2016. They were delivered to the complex in regular batches according to a pre-established schedule. The stocking was completed in September this year. Now here are 5,350 animal units. The first milk was received on a new farm in March this year, and from May, it is supplied to the Yalutorovskiy dairy plant belonging to the Danone company.

After reaching full capacity, the complex will produce 120 tons per day or 42 thousand tons of milk per year and milk yield per cow will be more than 9 thousand liters per year.