Daily Archives: 24.11.2017

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On Thursday, November 23, at an enlarged meeting of the Tyumen Regional Duma, Governor Vladimir Yakushev addressed the annual message on the situation in the region. He noted the main achievements that Tyumen citizens reached and set tasks for the near future.


The main result of the past year is the regional mobilization; the Governor mentioned it was needed and urged to it in previous messages. It became a reality. The region buckled down, reinforced and entered a new path of sustainable development.

Among the significant events, Vladimir Yakushev emphasized the commissioning of new facilities and increase in capacity of already existing production facilities, putting three deposits into production, the development of industrial parks, the development of the regional agroindustry and the commissioning of large enterprises in this industry, the revival of the construction industry, the implementation of several major infrastructure projects, the progress in the field of private partnership in housing and utility sector, the completion of a four-year gasification program, the victory of Tyumen citizens in the competition of professional skills “Slavim cheloveka truda!” (“Glorify a working man!”), in which our team took the first place among the entities of UFD, the victory in the final of the V National Championship “WorldSkills”, the victory at the International Mendeleev Olympiad in Chemistry and the World Olympiad of schoolchildren. According to the Governor, by a convincing victory at the WorldSkills World Championship in Abu Dhabi, Tyumen completely entrenched its right to become a centre for training personnel in IT and software administration. A number of important projects started or was completed in the healthcare, educational sphere. Another achievement of the region is entering the Top 10 (in terms of the number of socially-oriented non-profit organizations) winners of the first grant competition 2017 of the Russian President.

In the opinion of the head of the region, all successes and failures are the results and consequences of decisions made at a certain time. According to the results of the first half of 2017, the growth in all five main sectors at once (construction, industry, agriculture, retail, services) was noted only in eight regions of the Russian Federation, including the Tyumen region.

“The financial effect of the investments is important, of course. But the social effect expressed, above all, in the number of jobs is not less important. More than three thousand jobs were created in 2017. All investment projects are estimated not by their monetary volume, but by the number of new jobs,” said Vladimir Yakushev.

In his message, the head of the region defined the outstanding issues, in particular the incompetence and inefficient management of some enterprises, as well as the key challenges that must be solved within a year. Among them: the preparation of the region for the declared reduction in the amount of co-financing by the federal centre of federal programs up to 22%, the improvement of interdepartmental interaction, stepping up of investment activities of a number of municipal administrations. Solving the problem of promotion, the expansion of sales markets for regional products and, accordingly, the development of the logistics are among the challenges.

The Governor separately emphasized the ecological subject, namely, increase in the culture and encouragement of citizens’ environmental responsibility, especially regarding the creation of unauthorized landfills, as well as the display of constructive public initiative and true sense of nationhood, which consists not only in criticism but also in independent projective thinking focused on the general welfare.

“The historical backbone of the Tyumen character – the proclivity for a free, harmonious, meaningful life – made both our ancestors, and us faithful, ardent patriots of the Siberian vast expanses and the whole Russia, defenders and protectors of our native land – both in the military affairs and in the peaceful, creative affairs. I am sure that this backbone remains today even when we have to make new and typically difficult decisions. Decisions primarily focused on our own strengths, on our own development potential, on our own progress. We continue our way into the future. It has never been an easy ride, because we never go our happy way. It will not be happy in the future. But it will be the way of realizing the whole great potential of the Tyumen land and, most importantly, the owners of this land – us, Tyumen citizens,” summarized the Governor.