Daily Archives: 09.11.2017

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In Molodezhny village of the Tyumen District, the fish-processing plant of “Era-98” LLC is now successfully working. It manufactures cured, salted and smoked fish, canned herring, mackerel and seaweed, minced fish products, semi-products, frozen packaged fish which are in high demand not only among the Tyumen region citizens but also in Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan, Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs. The plant has recently made the trial delivery to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. In total, the plant’s fish product line includes about 250 products.


The rated capacity of the processing complex in Molodezhny village allows to produce more than five thousand tonnes of finished products every year. Next spring, the construction of pond fish-farm for a pike-perch spawning school and commodity fish-farming will be started.

Let us recall that the investment project on fish technological park construction was realized by the company “Era-98” in 2016. The investment volume was 800 million rubles with 150 workplaces created.

The Regional Government provided an extensive, state support of the project which included subsidizing of some expenses on fish seed buying, investment lending granting as well as assisting in passing different licensing procedures. At all stages, the project was supported by the members of the Tyumen Government and the Tyumen District Administration. They facilitated fast and easy solving of problems on land granting and registration, receipt of technical specifications, building permissions and commissioning sheets.

According to the Head of the region Vladimir Yakushev, the Tyumen fish-farming complex has powerful resources, technological and industrial capacity and is now at the stage of thorough renovation. The region places great expectations on the fish technological park being constructed. It is to become the place where aquiculture specialists are trained and qualified.

From year to year, the fish-farmers of the region increase the production volumes. According to the results of nine months’ work 1,316 tonnes of fish have been bred in the Tyumen region, i.e. 549 tonnes of syrok, 509 tonnes of carp (with 241 tonnes more than last year), 128 tonnes of pike, 22 tonnes of pike-perch and 108 tonnes of other fishes.