Daily Archives: 15.10.2017

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Postage stamps with Yamal’s emblem and envelopes with pictures of the seaport of Sabetta will be issued in 2018, the government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area in western Siberia said.


“The Commission on State Postage Stamps of the Federal Communications Agency has supported the proposal of the Yamal-Nenets government to issue stamps dedicated to the development of the Russian Arctic. It has been decided that postage stamps with Yamal’s emblem and stamped envelopes with pictures of the seaport of Sabetta will be released in 2018. The project is now at the design and approval stage,” the press release says.

The idea of designing stamps and envelopes with Yamal symbols was discussed in mid-September at a meeting chaired by Deputy Governor Natalia Figol, who heads the regional governor’s executive office. The meeting was attended by heads of the region’s executive bodies and federal mail service department.

Natalia Figol pointed to the timeliness of this important idea in light of bringing more attention to the Arctic region of Yamal.

“Everything that concerns the Arctic attracts public attention, and the development of Russia’s Arctic regions is monitored by the president and the government. Yamal is at the heart of major industrial projects that are underway in the Arctic, and so the idea [of these stamps and envelopes] was advanced at the right time. Its implementation will help enhance Yamal’s image and bring more attention to the Arctic,” Deputy Governor Natalia Figol said as cited in the press release.