Daily Archives: 10.10.2017

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The possibilities of the cooperation with the Tyumen region and the prospects for business there were presented to the foreign delegation in the Tyumen Technopark.


Businessmen and representatives of large companies from all over the world came to explore the investment potential of the region and establish contacts. On the first day of the business mission they met with the senior executives of the foreign companies which are already operating in the Tyumen region. According to CEO of Infrastructural Development Agency of the region Andrey Sanosyan, it is the most effective way of advertising when foreigners express their opinion on their work in Tyumen.

“From the very beginning we could see the support that was given to the investors here. It became the determining factor in choosing the place for business. Our Tyumen colleagues accompanied us and helped to solve administrative issues, and this is very important. Also, the fact that the main oil and gas production is situated in the north of the Tyumen region simplifies supplies and logistics, opens up great opportunities. I think, Tyumen is the right place. It is a beautiful and cultural city where one can comfortably live, work and grow business” – Vice-President of DynaEnergetics in CIS and CEO of DynaEnergetics Siberia Company Wilhelm Sonnenberg said.

Representatives of another German company – Schattdecor – also shared thoughts about their success. According to Director of the company’s branch office in Tyumen Artur Knaub, apart from the assistance and full project support, the personnel issue also played an important role.

“The workers in Tyumen are well-trained and highly experienced. We collaborate with universities and the Forest Engineering Technical College, offer internship to students. Worthy young professionals come to work with us. All this has a positive effect on growing our business. One more factor is the geographical location of the region which opens up new market outlets, such as Kazakhstan” – he said.

Director of the Department for Work with Companies-Members of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce Christine Frank thinks that the interest from German investors to the Tyumen region is understandable: Tyumen has a lot to offer. Among the promising areas for the collaborative work she named machine industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, power industry, textile and clothing manufacturing, agricultural sector, pharmaceuticals industry.

“We also invite investors who are already working here to discuss and share their experience with those who are just thinking about the cooperation. The presentations in Moscow and Germany are certainly useful, but coming to an operating plant, talking to the team and learning about the assistance in business development is even more effective, and we support it” – Christine Frank said.

Communications Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia Inessa Grikurova agrees with her. She says, the fact that many American companies are already implementing large projects in the Tyumen region proves their interest. Among them, the future production of feed supplements by Cargill company in Bogandinskiy industrial park.

It should be noted that the guests will visit both Bogandinskiy and Borovskiy industrial parks during their business mission. They will see how investors work there, who assists them and when the parks will be fully occupied. The delegation will also visit Baker Huges plant in Tyumen and Antipinsky industrial hub. The guests will spend the second day of the business mission in Tobolsk where they will visit Tobolsk-Polymer plant and will see the progress in the building of ZapSibNeftekhim complex, one of the largest investment sites of the country.