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Experts from the Vietnamese company “TH true milk” visited the Tyumen Region on October 24–26. The company considers constructing dairy cattle husbandry complexes as well as a milk processing plant in the region. The experts visited candidate sites in Sorokinsky and Sladkovsky districts. During the visit, the company experts met with the Deputy Governor Vadim Shumkov and reached an agreement to further develop and realize this investment project.


The company plans to construct four commercial dairy complexes. The total amount of milch cows will equal some twenty-four thousand. More than a thousand workplaces are to be created. The Tyumen Region Government will sign an agreement with TN Group by the end of 2017.

Reference information: TH Group was founded in 2009 by the co-owner of the North-Asian Commercial Joint Stock Bank Thai Huong. It comprises dairy farms, milk processing plants and distribution companies. TH Group is the second largest milk producer in Vietnam after the company Vinamilk.

Along with the milk production, the company also develops the production of other food such as vegetables and fruits. TH Group has its own farms, dairy and feed-milling plants. It has more than 30% of dairy market share of Vietnam. The dairy herd consists of forty-five thousand animal units and produces five hundred tons of milk per day.

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A top-flight international scientific conference started on October 18th in Tyumen based on the Federal Center of Neurosurgery. Leading specialists from Russia, China, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentine, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Thailand will be presenting their lectures for three days. Participants and guests were greeted by Vladimir Yakushev, the Governor of the Tyumen Region.


The head of the region thanked the distinguished experts from around the globe for their participation in the forum and willingness to share their knowledge, expertise and best practices.

“The Federal Center of Neurosurgery is our region’s pride. In a short span of time, it earned a great reputation with the patients and a high expert opinion both in Russia and abroad. Since its opening date, patients from all regions of Russia and from 13 countries worldwide were operated on in here,” he pointed out.

According to the Governor, it is the recognition of Tyumen Center of Neurosurgery at the national and international levels that enables it to host such conferences. “Training courses where the best specialists are engaged to make it possible for every participant to enhance his or her medical skill. All this yields a great deal of good, especially for the patients. I believe that the main value of any clinic is its professional team. I have no doubts that participants of the masterclasses and lectures use communication with the global neurosurgery leaders in the most efficient way, master the advanced medical technologies and increase their wealth of knowledge,” Vladimir Yakushev added.

Acting as the course leaders, there were director of neurosurgery clinic Evangelical Medical School (Brazil) Prof. Luis Borba and chief physician of FNC in Tyumen, head of the department of I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University Prof. Albert Syfianov. Assistant to the Minister of healthcare of the Russian Federation Vitaly Flek also became a member of the conference presidium.

There are intense studies, lectures and masterclasses by the best specialists in various specialties of neurosurgery in store for the conference participants. At the end of the training course, they will be granted certificates.

We would like to highlight that there is a good reason why the Federal Center of Neurosurgery in Tyumen becomes a place to hold world-level conferences on an annual basis. This medical institution has at its disposal all requisite technologies for real-time mode training in the most complex surgery methods. The less traumatic methods of operative treatment the Center employs are in many ways unique for Russia.

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The successful roll-out of quite many large investment projects in a wide range of industries shows that the regional economy is successfully diversifying. This was announced by the governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev at a press conference in the press center of Rossiya Segodnya (Russia Today) international news agency in Moscow.


“We deal with not just large projects with investments ranging from hundreds of millions to hundreds of billions rubles. For us, every investor is important. This is our belief and our vision for the future. And the pace of the region’s development shows the effectiveness of this approach. Ten years ago, the industrial share in the gross domestic regional product was only nine percent. Today, this figure has reached almost 40 percent,” informed the governor.

According to Vladimir Yakushev, after the completion of the investment projects in 2017–2018 and the commissioning of the PP and PE production plant at Tobolsk industrial site of SIBUR, the industrial share in the domestic regional product will exceed 50%.

“In recent years, the Tyumen region has made a huge leap, turning from a farming to an industrial region,” said Vladimir Yakushev. Still, the head of the region once again rejected the stereotype that the bedrock of the Tyumen economy was oil and gas, recalling that the core hydrocarbon reserves were concentrated in Yugra and Yamal, and these were independent entities of the Federation.

“Here, the oil deposits located in the Uvat district of the Tyumen region were covered by OPEC-Plus agreement on the reduction of production. In 2016–2017, the manufacturing industries were the sole drivers of economic growth in the region. The regional government is fully focused on this,” emphasized Vladimir Yakushev.

It is noteworthy that the industrial production index grew by 2.7% in January– September 2017 year-on-year. This indicator grew by 1.9% on average across Russia.

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Postage stamps with Yamal’s emblem and envelopes with pictures of the seaport of Sabetta will be issued in 2018, the government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area in western Siberia said.


“The Commission on State Postage Stamps of the Federal Communications Agency has supported the proposal of the Yamal-Nenets government to issue stamps dedicated to the development of the Russian Arctic. It has been decided that postage stamps with Yamal’s emblem and stamped envelopes with pictures of the seaport of Sabetta will be released in 2018. The project is now at the design and approval stage,” the press release says.

The idea of designing stamps and envelopes with Yamal symbols was discussed in mid-September at a meeting chaired by Deputy Governor Natalia Figol, who heads the regional governor’s executive office. The meeting was attended by heads of the region’s executive bodies and federal mail service department.

Natalia Figol pointed to the timeliness of this important idea in light of bringing more attention to the Arctic region of Yamal.

“Everything that concerns the Arctic attracts public attention, and the development of Russia’s Arctic regions is monitored by the president and the government. Yamal is at the heart of major industrial projects that are underway in the Arctic, and so the idea [of these stamps and envelopes] was advanced at the right time. Its implementation will help enhance Yamal’s image and bring more attention to the Arctic,” Deputy Governor Natalia Figol said as cited in the press release.

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The possibilities of the cooperation with the Tyumen region and the prospects for business there were presented to the foreign delegation in the Tyumen Technopark.


Businessmen and representatives of large companies from all over the world came to explore the investment potential of the region and establish contacts. On the first day of the business mission they met with the senior executives of the foreign companies which are already operating in the Tyumen region. According to CEO of Infrastructural Development Agency of the region Andrey Sanosyan, it is the most effective way of advertising when foreigners express their opinion on their work in Tyumen.

“From the very beginning we could see the support that was given to the investors here. It became the determining factor in choosing the place for business. Our Tyumen colleagues accompanied us and helped to solve administrative issues, and this is very important. Also, the fact that the main oil and gas production is situated in the north of the Tyumen region simplifies supplies and logistics, opens up great opportunities. I think, Tyumen is the right place. It is a beautiful and cultural city where one can comfortably live, work and grow business” – Vice-President of DynaEnergetics in CIS and CEO of DynaEnergetics Siberia Company Wilhelm Sonnenberg said.

Representatives of another German company – Schattdecor – also shared thoughts about their success. According to Director of the company’s branch office in Tyumen Artur Knaub, apart from the assistance and full project support, the personnel issue also played an important role.

“The workers in Tyumen are well-trained and highly experienced. We collaborate with universities and the Forest Engineering Technical College, offer internship to students. Worthy young professionals come to work with us. All this has a positive effect on growing our business. One more factor is the geographical location of the region which opens up new market outlets, such as Kazakhstan” – he said.

Director of the Department for Work with Companies-Members of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce Christine Frank thinks that the interest from German investors to the Tyumen region is understandable: Tyumen has a lot to offer. Among the promising areas for the collaborative work she named machine industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, power industry, textile and clothing manufacturing, agricultural sector, pharmaceuticals industry.

“We also invite investors who are already working here to discuss and share their experience with those who are just thinking about the cooperation. The presentations in Moscow and Germany are certainly useful, but coming to an operating plant, talking to the team and learning about the assistance in business development is even more effective, and we support it” – Christine Frank said.

Communications Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia Inessa Grikurova agrees with her. She says, the fact that many American companies are already implementing large projects in the Tyumen region proves their interest. Among them, the future production of feed supplements by Cargill company in Bogandinskiy industrial park.

It should be noted that the guests will visit both Bogandinskiy and Borovskiy industrial parks during their business mission. They will see how investors work there, who assists them and when the parks will be fully occupied. The delegation will also visit Baker Huges plant in Tyumen and Antipinsky industrial hub. The guests will spend the second day of the business mission in Tobolsk where they will visit Tobolsk-Polymer plant and will see the progress in the building of ZapSibNeftekhim complex, one of the largest investment sites of the country.