Daily Archives: 24.05.2017

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At a regular meeting of the Okug’s Government, which was chaired by the acting Governor of Ugra Alexei Shipilov, special attention was paid to socio-economic development of Ugra in 2016, as well as administration of budget.


Alexei Shipilov instructed his colleagues that every step of Ugra’s budget policy should be focused on creating a new economy in order to make the region less and less dependent on any oil shocks.

“It is important not to obscure the identified indicators that would reduce the socio-economic development and quality of life in the region. It is necessary to thoroughly analyze the causes of the decline, to seek for effective solutions and to correct our actions, programs, strategies if necessary,” he said.

Alexei Shipilov also added that the work of the Ugra team was aimed at creating a new regional economy as one of the main components of the Governor’s long-term strategy. The results are assessed as positive, which is confirmed by the indicators of socio-economic development and evaluation of the residents of the Autonomous Okrug. Thus, according to the results of the surveys conducted by the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug took the 3rd position among the regions of Russia in assessing of the work of government bodies by the residents.

“These are good indicators, but it is necessary to work further,” the Acting Governor addressed the colleagues.

It was noted that this result directly affects the social policy of the Okrug. Birth rate in Ugra in 2016 exceeded the death rate by 2.5 times, and according to the results of the last year, the number of residents of the region has increased by 19.3 thousand people, so now there is 1 million 646 thousand population in Ugra.

The results of the region’s socio-economic development were also commented on by the Director of the Department for Economic Development, Deputy Governor of Ugra Pavel Sidorov: “Stability of socio-economic indicators is confirmed by the ratings of the agency “RIA rating”, where Ugra maintains a leading position on the quality of life of the population among the regions of the country, and ranks 8th.”