Daily Archives: 18.05.2017

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In Russia was created a class of professional skilled investors who have own capital and who want to move further. It is important that they are ready to make investments in startups and look for perspective projects. Some of these investors could arrive to the forum “All-Russian Fair of Investments” in Tyumen, the governor Vladimir Yakushev told.


At opening of a forum the head of the region emphasized that “A fair of investments” is a significant project which helps young businessmen to interact, they find new communications and get an opportunity to communicate and expand the horizons. “During various forums information on leader positions of the Tyumen region in various ratings sounded more than once, but nevertheless the main mark of a condition of investment climate is given by businessmen. If they feel protected in the territory of the region, if they see interest of the authority in business development, in reduction of barriers, then this work is conducted correctly” – the governor emphasized.

Vladimir Yakushev noted that it is very important to create culture of communication, to adjust communications between enterprise community and all cheking departments, institutes, designer to help business development: “If the enterprise community doesn’t create for itself a culture of interests protection throught created business institutes and public organizations, then to build fast and effective dialogue with the resource organizations and the cheking state departments will be difficult. And they in turn need to understand that one of the main conditions of successful development of each region and country in general is to increase a number of businessmen and jobs”.

The governor is sure, that the Tyumen region a task number one for today is to create in each municipality large projects in the sphere of agricultural processing and a reinforcement these projects with small projects.

“Thus, in each area there will be the economic basis, employment, tax revenues in the budget and the qualitative production which is implemented on all region and beyond its limits” – he summed up the result.