Daily Archives: 26.04.2017

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A regular meeting of the Government was held in Khanty-Mansiysk under the presidency of the First Deputy Governor Gennady Bukhtin. At the meeting, changes were made to the decree of the Government of Ugra “On monetary payments to individual medical (pharmaceutical) workers.”


As Gennady Bukhtin noted, this decision is aimed at eliminating the deficit of specialized doctor in the hospitals and polyclinics of the Okrug.

“The document establishes the procedure for competitive selection of medical workers under the age of 45 years who arrived from other regions of Russia to the cities of Ugra in 2017 and claiming a one-time payment of one million rubles. Besides that, we are expanding the list of territories in which such a payment will be used to attract specialists, ” the First Deputy Governor stressed.

According to the acting Director of the Department of Healthcare of Ugra Vladislav Nigmatulin, this list includes towns of Kogalym, Nyagan, Megion, Pyt-Yakh and Yugorsk. Thus, the total number of municipalities participating in the project has grown to 12, including the largest cities, such as Khanty-Mansiysk, Nefteyugansk, Nizhnevartovsk and Surgut.

In addition, the right to a one-time payment of 500 thousand rubles will be retained in 2017 for the heads of feldsher-midwife station and paramedics invited to work in rural settlements. In total, 48 million rubles are allocated for these measures of support withi the Okrug’s healthcare development program.

“We are interested in attracting trained personnel from other regions. In the current year, we are waiting for 45 doctors, negotiations are already underway. I hope that we will be able to implement what was planned before the end of the year. This will improve availability of medical care in the Autonomous Okrug,” Vladislav Nigmatulin said.

To conclude, the Acting Director of the Healthcare Department drew attention to the fact that the availability of physicians in Ugra is one of the best in the country – 49 physicians per 10 thousand population: “This is a very good indicator, much higher than in the Tyumen, Kurgan or Sverdlovsk regions.”