Daily Archives: 18.04.2017

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Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Natalia Komarova held a working meeting with human rights commissioners Natalya Strebkova, commissioner on the rights of children Tatyana Mokhovikova, commissioner on the rights of entrepreneurs in Ugra Nikolai Evlakhov.


Anticipating the conversation, Natalia Komarova noted that the government of the Autonomous Okrug works in constant contact with each of commissioners, but this format of meeting takes place for the first time.

“It is aimed to determining how we will work together to achieve a common primary goal — to improve the lives of Ugra residents. We are all interested in better life for our compatriots, where they get a good job, live, work, create families in the comfortable settlements, so that every resident of Ugra is confident in tomorrow and the future of the Okrug, Russia,”the Governor said.

According to the Governor, the Okrug today has an extensive system of monitoring the observance of the rights of various categories of citizens, and the activities of commissioners are the basics in this system. That is why it is very important to work as a team, to unite efforts and thereby create the maximum effect from joint activities.

Speaking about priority directions in the work of the Children’s Rights Commissioner in Ugra, Natalia Komarova noted the prevention of children suicides and the dealing with attacks on children on all fronts. Related subject is a work with families, NGOs, teachers to organize family, social, and healthy forms of leisure for children and teenagers. The Head of the Region also reminded the participants of the meeting of the last tragic fact of the death of children who left the municipality without proper control.

“Problems cannot be solved by persuasion and prohibitions, we need to find suitable clues to modern youth. I believe that this is the number one task in the sphere of your activity and responsibility,” the Governor addressed Tatyana Mokhovikova.

In her turn, confirming the seriousness of the subject of children’s suicides and the so-called “death groups”,Children’s Rights Commissioner in Ugra said that youth Internet-squads have been established and are operating in the Okrug today. Their task includes search for negative content on the Internet.

“Also members of my Children’s Public Council, which has been working for two years, are meeting with teenagers and younger children, and discuss the rules of safe behavior in the network. In addition, we have already delivered many lectures on this topic with minors in schools,” Tatyana Mokhovikova said.

Natalia Komarova specified protection of labor rights of Ugra residents as a key task of the Commissioners for the rights of entrepreneurs and human rights. According to her, special attention should be paid to issues of labor safety and observance of the rights of special categories of workers – persons with disabilities, minors in summer employment and young mothers.

“The subject is complex, interdepartmental, requiring the use of innovative solutions, creating effective mechanisms and a feedback system with employees and employers. I expect that you will join the efforts on expert support of these processes, constant monitoring of the increase in the effectiveness of the labor safety system in Ugra, ” the Head of the region said.

Natalia Strebkova noted that she has always been focused on the issues of realizing the labor rights of citizens : “Interaction with the law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor’s offices plays an important role here. We hold joint meetings with employers who detain wages, with enterprises that are on the verge of bankruptcy. In addition, we organize joint receptions of citizens, including on issues of labor law. ”

According to Nikolai Evlakhov, today a very large number of Ugra entrepreneurs suffer from poor legal literacy, so the issues of legal education are a priority.

“With your support, we propose the following motto for 2017 ” I’m a competent entrepreneur. ” We will approve an action plan by the end of this week. It will include month’s campaigns with the participation of control and supervisory bodies. Thus, doors open days will be held in municipalities, discussion platforms on this subjects and training seminars aimed at increasing the legal literacy of the residents of the Okrug will be organized,” Nikolai Evlakhov said.

At the end of the meeting, Natalia Komarova stressed that the main priority of joint work is the rights and legitimate interests of Ugra people, which must be asserted openly and publicly.