Daily Archives: 03.04.2017

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Documents on the establishment of a new nature monument of regional significance “Dalny Nyris” were approved today at a meeting of the Okrug Government under the presidency of the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova.


Today, Autonomous Okrug has 24 specially protected natural territories of federal and regional significance.

“The thematic year is an occasion to expand this protection zone, to secure a number of iconic natural complexes of Ugra. “Dalny Nyris” is a unique natural landscape with virgin cedar forests, serving as a home for the Red Book animals and plants. It is the territory of moose migration, which also need protection from negative anthropogenic impact. The new nature park will be open for environmental education and research activities, ” Natalia Komarova said.

Director of the regional department of subsoil use and natural resources Sergey Filatov noted that the nature monument of regional significance “Dalny Nyris” is located in Nefteyugansk district: “The area of ​​the new monument is 1,800 hectares. Specially protected natural area will be created around it, which will allow preserving the natural complex: Cedar forests, normal forests, where the oldest tree is 300 years old, and the diameter of its trunk is about a meter. Total area of the territory of the park and protected zone will be 6 thousand hectares. ”

Deputy Chairman of the Public Council at the Department of Subsoil Use and Natural Resources Andrei Nazarenko stressed that the possibility of environmental education, ecological tourism and research work on the whole complex at the same time is very important.

“The territory is divided into two zones: specially protected and recreational. Thus, it is permitted to carry out technical activities, research works, and ecological and educational activities. In addition, we must engage in educational activities in the sphere of ​​environmental culture, involving schoolchildren and students to the maximum in various studies, scientific expeditions, so that they write papers, course papers, diplomas, and so on. We will be able to bring up real professionals, who are rooting for their cause, ” he said.

Natalia Komarova, in her turn, added: Educational programs of this kind exist, we need only to apply them in practice. I congratulate all Ugra people on the opening of a new nature monument “Dalny Nyris” in the Autonomous Okrug .