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In Isetsky district completed construction of the only in the region of a plant for the manufacture of packaging containers made of polypropylene was launched in June 2015.


In the project, the main investor is LLC “Neo-Com”, in total will be invested about 300 million rubles. 50 million loan to the trust Fund “Investment Agency of Tyumen region”.

Today, the production is set to launch here from Europe has received major equipment expected for several months: lentivirinae line, line for manufacture of woven bags, test equipment and compressors. After delivery of sewing equipment and installation in March 2017, the expected opening of the plant “Polipak”.

The company will produce big bags or soft containers of different shapes, with a capacity of up to 2 tons. Modern packaging, which is used for storage and transportation dry bulk materials such as cement and sand; for different mixtures, fertilizers, granulated plastic and so on which are demanded not only in Russia. In addition, in the foreseeable future Isetskiy “Polipak” will begin production of polyethylene films of various density and transparency, as well as its products.

Planned production volume – not less than 1 million pieces of products per year.

Note that during the half year the company “Neo-com” has built a modern complex with an area of 5 thousand square meters. The plant will create more than 100 jobs, the advantage in employment have residents of the village of isetskoe.

Besides, in Tyumen, a project for the construction of a factory of plastic packaging. Already received basic equipment — extruder and thermoforming machine, comes with installation. Is expected to supply machines for printing and labels.

The project is implemented with the support of the Department of investment policy and state support of enterprising of Tyumen region. The investor is a company “NG GROUP”, which started project implementation in January 2015. The amount of investment is about 120 million rubles. It will create over 35 new jobs.

The plant will produce cups of different diameters for dairy and food products and covers, containers for eggs, HIPS and polypropylene film. The planned capacity of the enterprise on processing of polymers – not less than 212 tons per month.

For 2017 in the industrial Park in p. Borowski (“NG GROUP” – it is resident) will be built modern building where the new equipment will bring.

The importance of implementation of industrial projects, said Governor Vladimir Yakushev. “It is extremely important for us that in the present difficult period, the region retains a positive trend in the development of the economy. Improving the investment and business climate, development of new industries, modernization of existing facilities and increased resistance to the negative impact of adverse external economic and political factors,” – said the head of the region, addressing the Tyumen region in the Federation Council, which took place on February 13-15 in Moscow.

He also added that the regional government is following a clear course to maximize efforts to attract investments, particularly in the industrial sector. For ten years, from 2007 to 2016 in Tyumen region achieved a threefold growth of the industry, primarily through manufacturing industries. Opened 35 large and hundreds of small industrial enterprises. Created new sectors of the economy, represented by industrial enterprises with modern technologies and high productivity. It is oil refining, oil and gas, manufacturing and processing of polymers, ferrous metallurgy for the construction and engineering industries, glass and biotechnological production.