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The Tobolsk Museum – one of the oldest in Siberia. It was founded on April 8, 1870 by the Secretary of the Provincial statistical Committee I. N. Yushkov.

The first decade the museum existed at Statistical Committee of the Governor’s Office. The chief official of the province – V. A. Troynitsky becomes the initiator of the construction of a separate building for the Museum. In the day of celebration of the 300-th anniversary from the date of the foundation of the city, on June 4, 1887, he opened a ceremony of laying the foundation. The idea of a provincial museum inspired many people. The initiative was supported by the authorities, wealthy merchants, industrialists, officials, teachers. Everyone contributed to the construction.

On April 10, 1889 the museum constructed on the project of the provincial architect P.P. Aplecheev was opened for visit. Exhibits were presented in natural-historical, ethnographic, archaeological, industrial and general education departments. The charter of the museum approved in 1890 defined the purpose of new establishment as “… evident acquaintance of public with history of the Tobolsk province and development of culture in it in all its forms and manifestations”. Thanks to efforts of employees: N. L. Skalozubov, B. N. Gorodkov, L.E. Lugovsky, A.A. Dunin-Gorkavich, V. N. Pignatti, the museum has become the largest scientific and cultural center of Siberia. These years at the museum the scientific library was opened. In 1899 the meteorological station was opened for conducting meteorological observations at the museum.

On July 10, 1891, Tobolsk Provincial Museum was visited by the crown Prince Nikolay Alexandrovich. At the request of the Governor V. A. Troinitskiy the crown Prince took the museum under his high patronage having shown the interest in completing of its funds. When visiting the museum, he left his autograph on a mammoth plate, and later, from Omsk, he sent a flag under which he traveled.

In 1899 the museum was visited by a prominent Russian scientist D.I. Mendeleev. He found interesting the collection of bronze, iron and bone artifacts of ancient people, household items of peoples of the North, a collection of Russian and foreign coins, as well as the collection of minerals of the Urals and Altai. The famous compatriot, invited the staff of the museum to demonstrate these exhibits at the World Exhibition in Paris and in 1900 in the capital of France the ethnographic collection of the museum was awarded the Diploma and the Big bronze medal.

The museum by 1917 had had the high public status, experience of cooperation with local and central scientific, state and public organizations.

During the civil war, on October 11, 1919, the museum was visited by A.V. Kolchak. The Supreme ruler of Russia showed concern about the establishment by putting the guards at the entrance and ordering to give 15 thousand rubles for the proper organization.

In Soviet times the building of the former Imperial Provincial Museum at different times housed the Tatar pedagogical College, the House of pioneers and schoolchildren, which became a center of educational work in the city. In 1984 32 educational clubs for children worked at its base and in branches, schools, numbering 1135 pupils.

In 2002 at the initiative of the Tyumen regional public fund “Renaissance of Tobolsk” after the reconstruction the Art museum of the city was solemnly open, in 2003 during a working trip the Russian President V. V. Putin visited it.

Today the Provincial museum which became the object of cultural heritage of regional value has returned its historical calling . New expositions tell about the history of museums in Tobolsk. Visitors can see unique exhibits of the ethnographic, archaeological, paleontological, natural-science and art collections formed throughout three centuries.

Open: from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00p.m without a break. Day off – Monday.
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