Daily Archives: 10.03.2017

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Tyumen region is one of the best in Russia for the innovative implementation of information technology, claimed Ivan Fedotov, the Head of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR), during his visit in Tyumen.


The experts from Moscow showed great interest in the UT Technical Centre, where UT’s most innovative departments are concentrated. The delegation members had a close look at the university’s research laboratories, including the electron-probe microscopy lab, laboratory of photonics and microfluidics, and the international integrated research laboratory for climate, land use and biodiversity…

On the 5th floor the guests met our youngest innovators at the UT’s FabLab, which aims to popularize robotics and introduce new robotics platforms into the educational sphere.

Anna Bukhalo, the head of AIRR youth programs, praised FabLab’s contribution to the process of training young professionals.

Today, UT is home to 31successful small innovative enterprises. Last year, with the support of the University’s Business Incubator, participants of the UMNIK competition were granted 6.5 million rubles for the realization of 13 projects.

It should be noted that Tyumen region has been a member of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia since 2014. During their visit to Tyumen, the experts examined the adoption of innovation in industry and the part universities play in this before sharing their recommendations at a meeting with regional leaders.

According to Anton Mashukov, chairperson of the Tyumen Region Committee on Innovation, the Association is doing very important work gathering together the knowledge and experience of 14 regions in the spheres of investment and information. “The Association works closely with not only Russian regions but also with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, performing expert and advisory functions. This visit will strengthen our further cooperation,” says Mashukov.