Daily Archives: 07.03.2017

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The signing of the agreement on trade-economic, scientific and technical and cultural cooperation between the regions took place in the framework of the Russian investment forum in Sochi.


“The Republic of Komi is our good neighbor. Now Ugra is preparing several large investment projects with reference to the Pre-Polar Urals, which connects both regions. There should be a new mining cluster, commented the Governor Natalia Komarova. – Making the economic steps we have to ensure that they won’t leave any ecological footprint. The Pre-Polar Urals is distinguished by a unique environment. Its protection declared separately in our agreement. Recreation base of our regions should be used for the development of ethnographic and ecological tourism. There is interest. Last year, Ugra tour operators have developed new tourist route, which passes near the mountain Narodnaya, at the same time it captures the Komi and Ugra, so that the tourists are about the same number of days on the territory of our two regions. By the way, the famous stone pillars of weathering (The Manpupuner rock formations) in the Komi Republic, which are related to the Mansi legend, are also located near the border with Ugra. All this is a promising direction for our interaction”.

In addition, the parties intend to develop cooperation in the sphere of diversification of fuel and energy complex and industrial production, development of high technologies and competitive production of socially important goods, to exchange experience on issues of legal regulation of environmental management and protection, to facilitate the expansion and strengthening of cooperation between environmental associations, development of ethnographic tourism, preservation and promotion of languages of indigenous peoples of the North, develop cooperative solutions to overcome the digital divide between major cities and towns and the outlying remote villages. Cooperation is provided in the field of culture and arts, social protection, labour and employment.