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A gas carrying tanker, test-filled with liquefied natural gas, for the first time arrived in the Sabetta port (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District) along the Northern Sea Route, the District’s press service told.


“The first gas tanker passed the customs procedures,” the press service said.

“The customs service cleared the first in the world gas tanker of the Arc7 ice class The Christophe de Margerie,” the customs said. “The tanker, filled with a test amount of liquefied natural gas (LNG), has passed the test.”

The Christophe de Margerie is the first of 15 gas tankers for the Yamal LNG project, the press service said.

“It can work at temperatures up to minus 52 degrees (Celsius) and can go through ice up to 2.1 meters thick,” the press service added. “The tanker carries 172.6 thousand cubic meters of liquefied natural gas.”

Yamal LNG project

The Yamal LNG Company is constructing a plant for production of liquefied natural gas with the annual capacity of 16.5 million tonnes at the resource base of the Yuzhno-Tambeiskoye field. The Yamal LNG plant is planned to go operational in 2017. The project’s cost is 27 billion dollars.

Practically all the future output – 96% of LNG to be produced at the plant – has been contracted already.

Shareholders of Yamal LNG are: Novatek (50.1%), Total (20%), CNPC (20%) and the Silk Road Fund (9.9%).

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Ugra Governor Natalia Komarova inspected the progress of three social facilities during the teleconference with the construction sites of the region. One of them is the complex “school – kindergarten” in the Altai village of the Kondinsky district. It is designed for 50 pupils of the school and 25 pupils of the kindergarten.


“Last November, some changes were made to the targeted investment program of the Autonomous Okrug, funds were added that allowed earlier commissioning of the school- in March 2018,” the Governor of Ugra said, adding that the total progress of the facility is currently 30 %.

The next site is the engineering networks of the microdistrict of the individual residential development “Kartopya 4″, 20 kilometers long in Sovetskiy. 100 plots of land are formed on the territory of the microdistrict, they are planned to be built up by individual residential houses with a total area of ​​about 16 thousand square meters.

According to the contractor, at the moment all efforts on the site meet the the schedule, testing of water supply networks is planned for May.

In conclusion, the Head of the region inspected the control and distribution center of the heat and water supply networks to the territory of “Gidronamyv” of Bely Yar village in Surgut district. Its commissioning is scheduled for August 2017. The progress is 53%, the work is progressing without failures and violations. It is planned that by the end of this year 25 thousand square meters of residential housing will be put into operation.

“The networks will provide the engineering infrastructure for the land plots for the construction of housing under the program “Housing for the Russian family”.
This is the first housing project of this tipe in Ugra. That is why it is extremely important that the readiness of the networks does not delay the commissioning of houses,” Natalia Komarova stressed.

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The Resource Center for German Language and Culture is holding a literary evening with the well-known Swiss writer Jens Steiner on 31st of March. He will present his latest book and take part in a discussion of modern trends in European literature.


His debut novel “Hasenleben” was nominated for the Deutscher Buchpreis in 2011 and was awarded a Swiss Shiller fund special prize in 2012. In 2013, He won the Swiss book award for his novel “Carambole”. During the literary evening Steiner will present his latest novel “Junger Mann mit unauffälliger Vergangenheit”.

This project aims to develop and support cooperation between Tyumen region and the Swiss Confederation in modern culture and creative practices.

The event is organized by the University of Tyumen and the German Academic Exchange Service “DAAD” with the support of the German Goethe Cultural Center and the Eurasia Business Hotel.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. in the Eurasia Business Hotel (‘Continental’ hall). Free admission.

If you have any questions, please contact the head of the UT Resource Center for German Language and Culture Ksenia Kushnir (8-908-873-38-99) or Sofia Svyazhina (8-919-945-69-54,

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Scientists and experts of the Arctic Research Center, Tyumen State University and the Department of Science and Innovation of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area have completed a wide-ranging expedition to the local Tazovsky District, the area’s website said. The expedition to the Gydan, Tazovsky and Tanam tundras studied the health, social and economic welfare of the local population, and collected suggestions from reindeer herders on how to regulate herd numbers and migration routes.


For the first time, scientists tried to estimate the productivity of reindeer grazing fields in winter. Researchers and experts took samples of the moss and lichen layer that will later be studied in the botanical labs of Tyumen State University to measure the nourishing value of the fields.

“Normally, all geo-botanical studies are carried out in summer, but they are more costly as the only way to get to reindeer grazing fields is by helicopter,” said Andrei Soromotin, Doctor of Biology and Director of the Research and Development Institute of Ecology and the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources at Tyumen State University. “It is far easier to travel to grazing lands in winter, which is why we developed a method to study the grazing grounds in winter. The first experiment has been a success.”

He said the results of the winter moss and lichen tests with be compared with the summer research figures to unify the method.

In all, the expedition has collected 100 samples of snow, soil, traditional food products, reindeer fur and human biological material. In 10 days, the expedition covered about 600 km.

Photo by Ramil Sitdikov

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13 Mexican students have arrived in Tyumen to undertake an internship at the Institute of Finance and Economics, UT. Some will join the Accounting, Analysis and Auditing masters course in the Economics department while others will study on the Marketing masters program in the Management department.


The international students have come to Tyumen as part of UT’s agreement with the Ural Federal University on the provision of network educational programs. The program is overseen by Dmitriy Skipin, Elena Yarkova, Anastasiya Vylegzhanina, Ruzilya Nasyrova, teachers at the Institute of Finance and Economics.

On their first day in Tyumen the guests from Mexico were taken on a guided tour of the city, during which they learned about its history. They were also given a tour of UT campus and told about the University’s educational TV channel “Eurasion” and Tyumen State University’s international projects.

“The students were especially interested in the “STEP in Russian Energy: Society, Technology, Environment, Policy (Management of the Russian energy sector”) supplementary course for foreigners, held at the University since March 2016″, says D. Skipin, Acting Head of Economic Security, Accounting, Analysis and Auditing Department. “This is not our first intake of international students under our network cooperation with UrFU. Their predecessors gave the “STEP” program rave reviews and our new Mexican students are also interested in participating in such projects”.

During their internship, the Mexican students aim to carry out research into the topics of their masters dissertations.

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An expedition to Yamal is currently exploring areas between settlements in the Panay, Yar-Sale, Seyakha, Cape Kamenny and Novy Port tundras, the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area official website reported.


Valery Kibenko, head of the Yamal sociological laboratory and junior researcher at the Arctic Research Center and the West-Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Sociology, together with another junior researcher from the Arctic Research Center, Sergei Zuyev, will cover over 1,300 km on snowmobiles to gather information on the socioeconomic aspects of life and the social wellbeing of the indigenous nomadic population who live a traditional lifestyle.

“The expedition will collect biological material from tundra residents for future environmental, medical and biological studies of the Yamal nomads that are conducted by the research center,” the website said.

As part of the Arctic Entrepreneurship Grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research implemented by the North and Arctic Region Economics Center together with the Arctic Research Center, the explorers will record interviews and gather information about entrepreneurship among the nomadic people. Scientists also plan to gather information about rare birds on the Yamal Peninsula for biologist Sofia Rozenfeld of the bird identification center at the Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution at the Russian Academy of Sciences. She monitors Arctic bird populations on Yamal.

This will be the second research expedition to the Yamal tundra under this project. Pilot research took place in December 2016 when Mr. Kibenko and Mr. Zuyev in concert with officials from the Department of Indigenous Small-numbered Peoples of the North and representatives ofYamal-Nenets legislators, visited trading posts of the polar Urals and Yamal districts, reindeer breeders of the Panay and Yar-Sale tundras. The first expedition results helped outline the problems facing the tundra’s residents.

The researchers believe the Yamal nomads’ problems are important and must be addressed by the authorities, public organizations and the herders themselves. The expedition results will be the basis for analytical materials to be submitted to the relevant government agencies of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area.

Photo by Sergey Rusanov

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Cooperation in tourism, education and the development of trade relations were the main topics of the working meeting of Governor Vladimir Yakushev and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Indonesia to Russia Mohamad Wahid Supriadi during the two-day visit of the delegation of the Embassy of the Asian country.


At the meeting Vladimir Yakushev emphasized that, despite the considerable remoteness of the Tyumen region from Indonesia, the development of business relations with the Embassy in Russia and the business community is an important direction for the region. The Governor presented the investment potential of the territory and recalled the successful visit in 2015, Indonesian Ambassador to Russia Djauhari Oratmangun of to establish business relations in the Tyumen investment forum.

The head of the region proposed to consider the establishment of joint projects with the Indonesian businesses in the fields of oil and gas engineering, instrumentation and oilfield services on the basis of industrial Park “Bogandinskiy” the Tyumen region, as well as cooperation in the field of food industry. The Governor invited the Ambassador of Indonesia in cooperation with the business community to participate in the VIII oil and gas Innovation forum in Tyumen.

Mohammad Wahid Supriadi said about his meeting today in Tyumen with the Indonesian and Russian students at TSU. Guys from Indonesia shared his pleasant impressions about Siberia, Tyumen youth, spoke about their successes and plans. Vladimir Yakushev noted that the Indonesian students, in addition to the classic Tyumen University, ready to take the largest University of oil and gas profile Russia – Tyumen industrial University. He has a good training base and is interested in teaching foreign students.

“I can say that Indonesian students are very grateful for the opportunity to study in Tyumen. This is an important step for the establishment of interpersonal contacts between Indonesians and residents. I propose to strengthen this collaboration by organizing students exchange programs and options for joint conduct of scientific development,” said Mohammad Wahid Supriadi.

For the development and strengthening of cultural ties, the Governor proposed in 2018 to hold the Days of Indonesia in the Tyumen region. In turn, Mohammad Wahid Supriadi invited the delegation of the region to attend the Festival of Indonesia, which will be held in August this year in Moscow with the participation of four representatives of the business circles of the Asian countries.

The special theme of the meeting was the development of tourist relations. Tyumen oblast is ready to offer its directions: extreme youth and educational tourism, year-round health resort treatment with the use of Siberian medicinal mud and mineral waters as well as fishing and hunting, travel related to the history of the development of Siberia. The region has created a modern high-tech medical cluster.

Mohammad Wahid Supriadi expressed confidence that the Tyumen region can attract tourists from Indonesia, including from the point of view of studying the history of Russia. He invited the residents to visit Indonesia and noted that in the near future will open direct flights Jakarta-Moscow.

Background: according to the Ural customs administration of Federal customs service of Russia for 12 months of 2016 year the trade turnover of Tyumen region with Indonesia amounted to 547 thousand US dollars (including export – 434 thousands of U.S. dollars and import – 113 thousand US dollars).

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On March 23-25, 2017, representatives of the indigenous peoples of the Russian North, Siberia and the Far East will meet on the Yamal Peninsula for an international conference to discuss the socio-economic development of the indigenous peoples in a mid-term perspective. The key priorities fixed in the Concept for the Sustainable Development of Indigenous Peoples of Russia’s North, Siberia and the Far East for 2016-2025 will top the forum’s agenda.


The participants will consider ways to further improve legislation in this sphere and promote closer cooperation between regions, government agencies and public associations of indigenous minorities.

The forum will bring together about 500 delegates from the indigenous peoples as well as representatives from the relevant federal ministries and departments, the Russian parliament, regional authorities, indigenous societies in Russia and abroad, and the media.

A vast cultural program is being planned. The best craftsmen from 28 regions inhabited by indigenous peoples will showcase their skills and products at an exhibit of ethnic crafts and traditional occupations of the indigenous population of the Russian North, Siberia and the Far East parallel to the conference.

The forum is organized under the auspices of the Russian Association of the Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East in cooperation with the government of the Yamal-Nenets Region. The association’s chairperson will present a report on its activities in 2013-2016. The delegates will approve a new version of the association’s charter and elect executive bodies for 2017-2021.

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In Isetsky district completed construction of the only in the region of a plant for the manufacture of packaging containers made of polypropylene was launched in June 2015.


In the project, the main investor is LLC “Neo-Com”, in total will be invested about 300 million rubles. 50 million loan to the trust Fund “Investment Agency of Tyumen region”.

Today, the production is set to launch here from Europe has received major equipment expected for several months: lentivirinae line, line for manufacture of woven bags, test equipment and compressors. After delivery of sewing equipment and installation in March 2017, the expected opening of the plant “Polipak”.

The company will produce big bags or soft containers of different shapes, with a capacity of up to 2 tons. Modern packaging, which is used for storage and transportation dry bulk materials such as cement and sand; for different mixtures, fertilizers, granulated plastic and so on which are demanded not only in Russia. In addition, in the foreseeable future Isetskiy “Polipak” will begin production of polyethylene films of various density and transparency, as well as its products.

Planned production volume – not less than 1 million pieces of products per year.

Note that during the half year the company “Neo-com” has built a modern complex with an area of 5 thousand square meters. The plant will create more than 100 jobs, the advantage in employment have residents of the village of isetskoe.

Besides, in Tyumen, a project for the construction of a factory of plastic packaging. Already received basic equipment — extruder and thermoforming machine, comes with installation. Is expected to supply machines for printing and labels.

The project is implemented with the support of the Department of investment policy and state support of enterprising of Tyumen region. The investor is a company “NG GROUP”, which started project implementation in January 2015. The amount of investment is about 120 million rubles. It will create over 35 new jobs.

The plant will produce cups of different diameters for dairy and food products and covers, containers for eggs, HIPS and polypropylene film. The planned capacity of the enterprise on processing of polymers – not less than 212 tons per month.

For 2017 in the industrial Park in p. Borowski (“NG GROUP” – it is resident) will be built modern building where the new equipment will bring.

The importance of implementation of industrial projects, said Governor Vladimir Yakushev. “It is extremely important for us that in the present difficult period, the region retains a positive trend in the development of the economy. Improving the investment and business climate, development of new industries, modernization of existing facilities and increased resistance to the negative impact of adverse external economic and political factors,” – said the head of the region, addressing the Tyumen region in the Federation Council, which took place on February 13-15 in Moscow.

He also added that the regional government is following a clear course to maximize efforts to attract investments, particularly in the industrial sector. For ten years, from 2007 to 2016 in Tyumen region achieved a threefold growth of the industry, primarily through manufacturing industries. Opened 35 large and hundreds of small industrial enterprises. Created new sectors of the economy, represented by industrial enterprises with modern technologies and high productivity. It is oil refining, oil and gas, manufacturing and processing of polymers, ferrous metallurgy for the construction and engineering industries, glass and biotechnological production.

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This year, Yamal will spend 782 million rubles in reindeer-breeding subsidies, reports the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area website. It is hoped that the program will boost the output of reindeer-breeding farms, regardless of their property status, and expand the regional processing industry.


“For us, adequate state support for the reindeer-breeding sector is an important condition of its wellbeing in the current situation. Yamal sees this as one of the most important parts of financing the regional agro-industrial complex. We are steering toward the intensive development of the industry, staking on in-depth processing, technical and production innovation,” Alexei Sitnikov, First Deputy Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, told delegates at the 4th Congress of Russian Reindeer-Breeders that opened in Yakutsk on March 16.

Sitnikov also noted that the autonomous area planned to submit a number of industry-rationalization proposals to various federal agencies, and that these proposals might prove useful to all Russian reindeer-breeding regions. They call for identifying all reindeer, processing reindeer antlers and endocrine-ferment feedstock and also including the profession of a housewife (tent-keeper) among other worker professions.