Daily Archives: 27.02.2017

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Gennadiy Buhtin, the acting Governor of the Okrug, commissioned by the head of the Okrug Natalya Komarova, held a meeting with regard to her business trip. During the meeting was considered the progress of construction work at the objects in Oktyabrskiy District. “All the objects are at a high level of availability and should be put into operation during this year”, pointed out Gennadiy Buhtin.


The Culture and Leisure Centre in the urban-type settlement Oktyabrskiy was the first to pass inspection. According to Vladidmir Timofeev, Deputy Head of Administration for construction, housing and communal services, transport and communications, the object is ready in regards to general construction works. Final finishing is about to be completed, furniture assembling and arrangement are in the progress.

It should be mentioned that the construction of the centre is implemented under the “Development of Culture and Tourism in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra in 2016-2020”state program. The planned date of putting the object into operation is April 2017.

Another long-awaited object is the complex “school-kindergarten” in Komsomolskiy village. As reported by Vladimir Timofeev, the availability of certain types of work varies in the range of 98 to 100 percent. “Commissioning and installation of the technological equipment are in the progress.”

The construction of the complex is under public control. Boris Melnichuk, a member of social council within Municipal Administration for housing and communal services, thanked the Head of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug for the work. “This object is very long-awaited. We are looking forward to see it”.

The members of the meeting assessed the construction progress of a kindergarten in Karymkary village of Oktyabrskiy District. Public works are completed by 90%, utility system installation is in the progress. The kindergarten is scheduled for opening at the beginning of the following academic year.

As reported by Artem Kopilov, the acting Head of Housing and Construction Supervision in Ugra, 4 inspections were held on the object. The faults detected earlier were removed. Next inspection is to be held in March this year.

“The village is developing. The birth-rate is getting higher year by year. We are waiting for this kindergarten”, said Larisa Cherkasova, a member of social council within the administration of Oktyabrskiy District.

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The mayor’s office in Salekhard – Russia’s only city on the Polar Circle, will organize ecology activities in 2017, head of the city’s administration Ivan Kononenko told TASS.


“The city will organize twelve ecology actions to clean the territory, the water and forest areas from illegal waste disposals,” he said. “We shall plant new trees.”

“Salekhard, like any other city, of course faces ecology problems, but the administration is doing everything possible to solve them,” he continued. “For example, we are now reconstructing the sewage treatment facilities.”

In 2016, he continued, the city decided to engage in activities aimed at preserving the environment, during which 4,000 cubic meters of waste was removed, and about 900 new trees were planted.

“We have a special service monitoring the environment,” the official said.

Authorities of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District told earlier they would allocate almost 300 million rubles for the environment issues in 2017. During the Year of Ecology the region will have about 70 actions, including to clear the Arctic rivers’ shores, to close old wells and to have big cleaning on the islands Belyi and Vilkitsky in the Kara Sea.

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Ishim cakes, cookies and biscuits will be available at the end of February. Multi-line for the production of flour and confectionery products ready for use. Ends commissioning. According to the investor Vladimir Lukoshin, formed a team of employees who will work on the production of confectionery products. The experience of the Novosibirsk, Omsk, Penza region, specializing in the production of cakes and cookies.


“Initially, the line will produce – 200 tons of carrots, and – 100 tonnes of biscuits a month. Universal ovens and powerful modern equipment allow at any time to expand the range of products “, – said Vladimir Lukoshin.

Investment in the project left – 25 million rubles. Part of the financial support provided to the project proponent Fund “Investment Agency of the Tyumen region.” The plant will create about – 30 new jobs.