Daily Archives: 22.02.2017

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University of Tyumen scientists collected water quality data of 250 water bodies in the territory of Western Siberia as part of a project to analyze water cleanliness.


Since 2010, employees at the UT have been working on a massive project entitled “Formation of water quality and ecosystems in the conditions of anthropogenic pressures and climate change in Western Siberian regions.”

The complex studies have allowed researchers to make conclusions about the water quality. For example, the researchers found critical levels of pollution and substantiated regional water quality standards, taking into account the specifics of Western Siberia.

According to Dr. Vitaly Khoroshavin, the Director of the Institute of Earth Sciences, experts have noticed the impact of the global transport of acidifying substances in the lake water of the Arctic sector in Western Siberia. In addition, they recorded a low degree of stability in the tundra and taiga landscape watersheds and aquatic ecosystems against the acidification processes.

“We revealed an interesting phenomenon – the abnormal content of nitrogen compounds in the lake waters,” he also noted. “According to this factor, we outline several hypotheses. However, our conclusions will not be finalized for some time.”

The project is based under the UT Water Quality and Stability of Aquatic Ecosystems and Ecotoxicology Laboratory, directed by Tatiana Moiseenko. Moiseenko is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and head of the department of ecology and biogeochemistry, Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of Russian Academу of Sciences (Moscow).