Daily Archives: 17.02.2017

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On 13 February, Dr. Peter Hiller, head of the Germanic Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) office in Russia, visited Tyumen for the first time. He was accompanied by Anja Hess, the head of the DAAD Information Centre in Novosibirsk.


The DAAD representatives met UT Rector Valery Falkov and held working sessions with the UT staff members under the direction of Dr. Andrey Tolstikov, Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs.

“It is my first time here and we are really interested in collaboration with the University of Tyumen. We were glad to get the invitation as it expresses the interest of your university in strengthening existing contacts. It is nice to know that you have a lot of partners in Germany. We would like to find new ways of cooperation and today my UT colleagues and I have begun negotiations,” Peter Hiller commented.

It should be noted that the UT has strong connections with Germany, with nine current German partner universities. Among them, include are major, well-known universities such as the University of Passau and the University of Münster.

Moreover, the University of Tyumen holds the annual summer school “Siberian Western,” during which German students come to Tyumen to learn about Siberia. In 2016, teaching within the program was done by the lecturers participating in the “Northern Studies” (EUSP), the employees of the UT Institute of History and Political Sciences and the specialists from the Institute of Northern Development Problems. The first two summer schools were organized with support from DAAD.

“As we all know, science does not exist without internationalization, as scientists always discuss emerging issues with each other. It’s just how science advances, and we know that this academic exchange is necessary. We are strongly in favor of active cooperation between our countries,” Dr. Hiller continued.

As a result of the meeting, the DAAD representatives and the UT administration reached a preliminary agreement on further cooperation in the field of academic exchanges.