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The Museum ensemble of the Tobolsk Kremlin – the white stone Tobolsk Kremlin – is the only one in Siberia. It is Located on the Cape Trinity, majestically towering above the lower city beneath and the Irtysh River.


The Tobolsk Kremlin was designed by the local architect Semyon Remezov. Legendary Pryamskoy vzvoz (steep road up the hill) organically connects the two parts of the city, passing under Dmitrievsky gates of the Kremlin.

The unique historical Kremlin complex includes the Bishop’s courtyard (religious power), Provincial yard (administrative authority), Gostiny Dvor/Merchant’s Court (the center of trade) and the Prison Castle. The main sight of the Tobolsk Kremlin is Sophia-Assumption Cathedral, built in 1686. It is the first stone building in Siberia. The observation deck offers a magnificent view of the lower city, the legendary Prince’s meadow, the Chuvash Cape – a place, where the battle between the armies of Yermak (Russian Cossack) and Kuchum (Tartar ruler) took place.

Nowadays there is the Tobolsk Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, the residence of the Metropolitan Dimitry of Tobolsk and Tyumen-Tobolsk seminary on the Kremlin territory.