Daily Archives: 02.02.2017

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Today in the capital of Ugra was held a meeting of the Government of the Autonomous Okrug under the chairmanship of the Okrug Governor Natalia Komarova. Preceding its work, the head of the region reminded that this week The Government of the Russian Federation distributed subsidies to the regions in various areas – from the development of sanitary aviation to the support of the creative activities of theatres in small towns.


“All relevant agencies have sufficient time in order to guide them on the needs of the economy and the social sphere. It is important that municipalities would promptly implement budget expenditure in time and designated targets”, – the Governor targeted the colleges.

During the meeting, members of the government approved the signing of the agreement between the government of the Autonomous Okrug and the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science.

“Funds grants will be spent on equipping of regional information processing center and places of holding exams, further training of examiners, information and methodological support of development of “National regional system of independent quality assessment of General education”. We are interested in high, extremely reliable test results. For the final grades were fair in relation to the real knowledge and skills of graduates. This requires a fine-tuned examination toolkit”, – said the head of the region.

Next week in Ugra starts “the day of passing the Unified State Exam by the parents” in which parents of graduates will have the opportunity to put themselves in the place of their child to try to pass the exam and understand all the aspects of the final assessment.

“This approach should have a positive impact on test preparation,” – said Natalia Komarova.

“We are working on the terms of co-financing: 70% Federal funds and 30% of the Autonomous Okrug. The total amount is 7 million 382 thousand rubles. These funds will be aimed at organization of training of experts involved in the acceptance USE in 11 classes and the SFA in 9 classes. A large proportion of expenses will be directed towards the material-technical equipment of places of holding exams”, – said the Director of Education and Youth Policy Department of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra Lyubov Koveshnikova.

According to Lyubov Koveshnikova, all classrooms will be installed equipment that allows you to print and scan the test materials during the exam. Places of holding exams will be equipped for the oral part of the exam in a foreign language: “listening” or “speaking”.

“Thus, in all places of holding exams professionals will print test materials on the secure connection already in the audience in front of the graduates who pass the exams, not to get them on paper, as was done previously,” – said Lyubov Koveshnikova.